More to a book than the front cover

When non-marketers think of marketing, they often think of and refer to visual advertising opposed to the strategic profession which is marketing.

Marketing is the process of going to market. Wikipedia describes marketing as the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling that product or service.

This involves the strategic, economic and global analysis prior to launching a product, through to the reflection and evaluation to develop and continue to meet the business needs.

Marketing involves calculation, data collection and analysis, long term strategic planning and milestones to measure the entire process.

A marketing campaign is not a one off event that happens after resource and time is thrown at it. A marketing campaign is a short term

I have similar views with regards to event management, web development, graphic design and other creative industries.

I have completed two undergraduate degrees- one in Event Management and the other in Web Design. I find the concept and ignorance of some people who assume they are experts because they can do the smallest chunk is an insult to the industry!

The uneducated public believe, with enough luck and will power, and you manage to pull off an event, you can do event management; regardless of health and safety, legislation, strategic planning or any real management. This is not sustainable and, given enough occurrences, luck will run out and there will be a crisis.



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