55 Creative Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Event or Meeting

Read this nice blog post with lots of great ideas for event entertainment

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Planners, clients and more often ask me for some creative entertainment ideas for their event or meeting, so because of that, I put together a nice list.    Feel free to pass this on to your friends and colleagues.

1.Hire a comedian who can poke some fun at your CEO, do an impersonation of him, or even make light of your industry as a whole.

2.Hire a magician that can incorporate your sales message into his magic, or cut your CEO or receptionist in half.He might even be able to vanish the CEO, much to the delight of the employees.

3.Book a vocal improvisation group to take requests and spin them into a funny performance.

4.Have a musician write a song about your company and play it at the event.

5.Hire a celebrity impersonator to come to the event and sign autographs and take pictures…

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