Event Management Trends 2014

Event Management Trends 2014

It is clear that event management is changing and ever evolving and this blog post from evvnt demonstrates that technology and user expectations are continuing to evolve and change.

2014 sees an even bigger demand for technology to support the industry and to integrate social tools for a complete user experience.

Social Media sets the tone for stand-up comedy

I recently went to see Russell Howard at Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena. The question “what is good to do in Cardiff?- @RussellHoward” was posted on TV screens around the venue whilst people were arriving.The venue was buzizng- guests were tweeting the artist directly before the event- it created a unique atmosphere. When Russ came on stage- he read a few tweets out- the audience was more than creative and it engaged them in the gig from the start- every person in the room felt part of the event. They were no longer just coming along to watch a bloke be funny- they were feeding him material and generating part of the act!

During the interval and after the event- twitter was still at large- guests shared their experience, talked about the jokes and even gave Russ a bit of friendly banter.

For this event, twitter was part of the experience. It was Twitter that set the atmosphere!


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