Do what is right for you, not Google!

I have been reading an article recently about the new updates that Google are making and how to prepare for the changes.

I am a huge fan of Google and agree with every update to their search to date. Penguin 2.0 is no different to this.

To increase search engine optimisation, focus on creating a well coded, lean website with engaging, unique content and you can’t go wrong.

Businesses that try to buy higher organic search ‘spots’ are just kidding themselves, if your business is working for you, and you content is tailored for your audience, I can’t see a problem.

So, with that said, instead of just offering a small rant, I wanted to write my top 5 tips for getting good SEO:

  1. Ensure you website has unique, accessible content that people want to visit. If the information is duplicated on other websites, why would someone want to read yours? Chances are, the other sites may be better. In regards to accessibility, don’t forget that many web users need support to use a website, from dyslexia to a blind web user, make sure your website is easy for people to use and access and Google will love you!
  2. Write content for you, not your competitors. If your web content is based on what your competitors are saying, it’s a battle for the top spot on the search. Make your content stand out within the industry, generating more hits and you will climb the organic search ladder.
  3. The use of social media and development of web 2.0 makes it easy to create engaging and non static web content. If your website is changing on a regular basis and encourages people to share, comment and spend longer on your site, you will find that your search rankings will improve.
  4. Don’t forget to tag all of your content including images and hyper links  Quite often the content on the page can be written in multiple ways, by tagging the information, the search engines will pick your pages up regardless of what the user types into the search box.
  5. Make sure you join up all of your digital activities. Tweet your web links, embed your feeds, link your social media accounts and website in every way possible. If there is a good news story on your website, share this on social networking sites. The more ways people can access the content, the more hits it may get; just keep the word ‘unique’ in mind, nobody will thank you for repeating yourself on twitter, linked in, Facebook and your website (among other digital platforms you may be using). To be clear, rephrase the message on multiple platforms to create a greater digital presence take a different angle!

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