Visual web content

Providing visual web content is fantastic, providing it adds value to the content.

Images, info graphics, video content and photography allow the user to engage with the content and can help with understanding content.

Here are a few things to consider when using visual content on the web:

  • Relevance: ensure the images are relevant and provide value to the user (avoid stock content).
  • Site speed: Embedding any visual content into a webpage will slow down the website. Ensure you resize images and save them in the correct format to help keep the website as fast as possible.
  • Accessibility: All visual web content should have alt. tags describing what the visual content is. Videos should be captioned and transcribed.
  • Language: If you are offering multiple languages on the website, ensure visual content is also bilingual. Imagine a website written in elfish (trying not to single out a nation) was translated into English but the videos and image captions were still in the fairytale language- wouldn’t be a great user experience.

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